Tailgate Parties

You provide the tailgate, we’ll provide the beer! Parties of up to 8* can reserve a space in our parking lot to set up with all your tailgate essentials. Bring your chairs, canopies, and whatever else makes you happy - we will provide the beer. Bring your grill if you like, or enjoy something delicious from one of our food truck partners. Safely enjoy time “out” with some great craft beer. 


Reserve your spot using the link below. Pull up to the front door at your reserved time and we will guide you to your tailgate spot. 


*Same household


What to bring

  • Warm clothing, gloves, and/or blankets 

  • Chairs, and a small table if you want. We will not have these available

  • Your other tailgating essentials (Canopy, grill, Firepit, cornhole? How much fun you have is up to you!) 

  • A form of ID and electronic payment (We are not accepting cash at this time) 

  • If you are grilling, don’t forget supplies like plates and cutlery. We will not be able to provide any of these. 

  • A mask - so you can use our bathrooms!


  • Do not enter another reservations’ space or visit other tailgating parties. In order for us to do this safely, we cannot allow you to visit with other groups. No exceptions. You will be asked to leave if you repeatedly disregard this rule. 

  • No outside alcoholic beverages permitted. 

  • There is no smoking permitted in the tailgate area.

  • Parties are limited to 8 people who share a household. 

  • Absolutely no open containers inside vehicles. 

  • One vehicle is permitted in the tailgate area per reservation.

  • No tailgate crowlers - we will be serving you in disposable plastic cups. Crowlers are available to-go but cannot be consumed on premise. 

  • We will not be serving flights, half pints, or 4 oz. tasters during our tailgate parties.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What days is tailgating available? 

    • Tailgate parties will be on weekends, weather depending. We make the call at the beginning of the week to offer tailgating during the weekend. Due to Colorado weather being unpredictable, it makes more sense for us to wait until we can see the weather forecast to open up reservations for tailgating. Reservations are made available at the beginning of the week when the weekend weather looks nice. Follow us on social media to see announcements. 

  • How much room will we have? ​

    • Each reservation is given two spaces: a space for one vehicle and a space for you to set up your chairs, tables, cornhole, etc. This is how we ensure that the parties are socially distanced from one another. ​

  • How do I make a reservation? 

    • Click the "reserve now" and you will be taken to our reservation site. even though you are able to select any date, be sure to only select the dates we have announced to be available on social media. you will then be able to select from two different time slots. then, select the number of people in your reservation. 

  • If I didn’t make a reservation can I still come tailgate?

    • Reservations are strongly encouraged. Please call or pull up to the front door and ask if there’s an open spot. If there is an unreserved spot available, you are welcome to it. Keep in mind that you may have to pack up early if that spot has been reserved by another party later in the day. 

  • Can I bring my kids/pets? 

    • Leashed, well behaved kids and respectful pets are welcome. 

  • How do I order beer? 

    • Beers can be ordered at the front door, and picked up on the patio immediately thereafter. Don’t forget to wear a mask. 

  • Are non-alcoholic beverages available? 

    • We offer coke, root beer, sprite, and orange soda in cans. We also can offer you unlimited tap water. 

  • If it’s cold, can we move inside? 

    • Unfortunately we cannot serve anyone inside at this time. Our restrooms are open, but we ask that you wear a mask and follow health guidelines any time you’re in our building. 

  • Are masks required? 

    • Masks are required while you order and pick up your beer, enter our building (such as to use our restrooms), or interact with staff/food truck staff. 

  • Can we bring our own food?

    • Absolutely, but we also highly encourage you to support our food truck partners! Call us or check out our social media to see who is serving on any given day. 

  • I don’t like beer - do you have any wine or cocktails? 

    • We serve beer only, with exception to a few canned sodas (mentioned above.) 

  • Are restrooms available? 

    • Yes, our restrooms are open to customers. Please wear your mask any time you are in our building or interacting with staff.