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Hops & Swaps

Community swap meetS

clear out clutter and reduce waste! Swap the things you don't need anymore for something useful to you. 


How to participate

  • Gather your clean, good-condition items and bring them to the brewery on the date specified

  • check in and drop your items at the tent in front of the brewery 

  • for each item you bring, you'll receive a ticket. you will then pay for any items you choose with those same tickets. 

  • Leftover items will be donated to relevant non profits


  • do not bring in books that are soiled, torn, missing pages, or molded 

  • do not bring in any magazines 

  • do not bring in anything pornographic 

  • leftover books will be donated

Outdoor Gear

  • examples of the types of items to bring are camping, hiking, fishing, skiing, snowboarding, sports and outdoor gear

  • do not bring in any items that are broken, unsafe to use, recalled, or missing parts 

  • please clean your items as best you can before bringing in to swap 

  • don't bring in anything that's stinky 

  • Leftover items will be donated 


  • Bring cuttings, starts, etc. of indoor or outdoor plants 

  • please don't bring plants that have pests or disease (such as spider mites, aphids, etc.) 

  • please make sure your plants are labelled 

  • Leftovers will be given away

Games and puzzles

  • bring in your games and puzzles that are ready for a new home 

  • please dont bring in any puzzles or games that are missing pieces or broken 

  • leftovers will be donated 

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